The Untold Story

Movie review of MS Dhoni: The untold story

The film looked more of a hagiography than biography. Dhoni was precisely depicted in the movie as an ideal character. It seemed M.S.Dhoni : The Untold Story was fully, carefully and minutely developed as a film so that it was kept out of slightest controversies. There was no mention on slow over rates often coming into lime lights during his days till when the film has kept its story. The infamous 2013 spot fixing controversy had not been touched. If you are an M.S.Dhoni fan you would feel yourself facing a transition from a fan to Dhoni bhakt (devotee) during this more than three hours journey.

The next thing that would come to your mind would be the riddle ‘the untold story’. What was so untold about it? The first half would have been undiscovered childhood and struggle. The turning of a small town boy to the captain who led the Indian cricket team win world cup. The makers tried to keep the thrill and excitement intact by the background scores and music. Its repetitive scenes failed to keep the audience engaged. It showed the middle class boy’s struggle and dilemma in opting sports over studies or rather job. You need a fully supportive sister and mom like that of Dhoni’s to counter the odds. Even the negligence on the part of officials or disclosure of confidential talks in press was though touched but it was shown in such a way that even they would like to let it go as the film seemed less enthusiastic to disclose that. If you had gone to discover something about Dhoni the most you could manage was his childhood days and him serving as TTE in Kharagpur. He was shown as a one man army. His interactions with other players in dressing room or in fields couldn’t find space in film. Replacement of senior players from the team because of their slow fielding was mentioned but not the names. Some of the names he took in the board meeting were beeped. Comparing Richard Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’ where Gandhi was portrayed as Mahatma to ‘Gandhi , my father’ where bapu was critically analysed, we could say that this film needed more of an insight. This is one of the major problems one faces while recreating the life of a popular figure of the current era. Shushant Singh Rajput as M.S.Dhoni was tremendous. A terrific performance by one of the fastest rising faces in bollywood. Other casts added a lot of effort and dedication to lift the movie up to expectation. 

Ritwik Raj