National Conference in Gargi College

On an occasion of this they organised National conference on the topic " Combating Industrial pollution for sustainable Environment- A fusion of Industrial and Scientific Efforts* CIPSE-2016.

Industries plays an important role in the process of economic and social development in the world. However, industry is also a major consumer of natural resources and major contributor to the over all pollution load .Rampant industrialization has choked our environment severely. While the smoke from Chimneys has ruined air quality, the polluted drains being released into river bodies has not only thwarted biological flora and fauna but also degraded drinking water quality. The global environmental changes due to the industrial sector are influencing not only air, water and land resources, but also biological diversity and human health. The dilemma is big and therefore the need of the hour is to maintain a right balance between sustainable growth and sustainable environment. Industries can not be locked down, but for sure can be incorporated with greater and eco -friendly technologies to reduce the burden on the environment. Keeping this in mind, a two days national conference was organized by the department of chemistry of Gargi College on the Golden jubilee year of Gargi College and Silver jubilee year of chemistry (hons)department. With this Gargi College took an initiative to bring the two seemingly two separate domains of industry and academia together on one platform to sensitize the issue related to industrial poll and to scope out for viable solutions from both industry and academia to reach out to a negotiable solution.

The event was inaugurated by the address of chief guest Prof. J.P Khorana, Director of South Campus University of Delhi and Guest of honour Prof. M.K Pandit, Dean,Faculty of Science and head, Department of Environmental Science,University of Delhi. Following that their were two keynote addresses highlighting the various issues caused by pollution. To further discuss the issue, eight initiated lectures were delivered by eminent professors and enlightened the students the ways to save environment.Prof. Dinesh Mohan, JNU, discussed the degraded drinking water quality addressed the diverse effect of consuming degraded water. He also discussed about 'Biochar' which helps in purifying water and pointed the various use of biochar in enhancing soil quality, better response of plant growth etc. He invited the students to the 'School of environmental sciences' at JNU to know more about biochar and to observe the working principle for salvaging environment. In addition to this some lectures were based on 'waste management', Harmful effect of some poisonous substances like mercury and the ways to save environment from such substances.

The delivered lectures were aimed that the need of the hour is to understand that development and environment must go hand in hand. Oral and poster presentations by students and research scholars got a huge participation from various Universities. Participants presented their research work on how they are working to save environment. Some participants Presented various green technologies which helps in salvaging environment and Marking to this auspicious conference a panel discussion was organized. The Panel discussion was aimed to bring the two-seemingly separate-domains of industry and academia together on one platform to address challenges of sustainable development v/s sustainable environment.

The event was a great success as marked by the participation of 480 delegates. A very clean message that the development of environment must go hand in hand was spread. The purpose of this conference to bring together a host of experts from industry and academic was well served.

Reported by : Varsha Rajput

Picture Clicked By: Tejasvi Arora