‘TARK-MANCH’ the debating society of Satyawati college(eve) organized its intra college debate competition.


On 1st march, 2017; Wednesday, ‘TARK-MANCH’ the debating society of Satyawati college(eve) organized it's intra college debate competition. The competition comprised of two types of debate; one was extemporary debate where the students got the topic on spot with five minute preparation time and another was a movie review where they were shown a documentary of five minutes giving them two minute preparation time and after that they have to present their views to the audience.


The program started with a lamp lighting ceremony and distinguished by the presence of Mr. Rammeshwar (convenor) , Ms. Namita , Ms. Promila , and Ms. Ruby Roy as the panel of judges. Participants were free to choose any medium of language either English or Hindi but it had to be followed throughout. The topics that were chosen for extempore debate were very peculiarly picked i.e. there should be no marks reserved for attendance,privatization of higher education, cinema takes us away from the reality, valentine day is not a part of Indian culture, India is on the verge of becoming a global power, and so on. All contestants spectacularly presented their views at the drop of a hat without any anticipation. They didn’t fail to cover whole nine yards about the given topic.


On the other hand, a documentary was played ‘3 shades’a film by Mother Grace Production directed by Vivek Joshi exhibited the three sides of our society. Firstly, it presented the attitude of people towards the nation and the national flag. Secondly, it talked about human trafficking and child labor. Thirdly, it reflected a mirror image of our countries economic background, underdevelopment, slum areas, lack of basic infrastructure like home, food, education, etc.

‘TARK-MANCH’ has always tried to gather students and make them faced the audience while putting their views forward. It has added an other glory to its journey. As always around 50 students participated in this debate competition making it a great.

Naveen Singh and Kuldeep Yadav stood first and Sourabh Agarwal and Parul Chauhan were runner ups in extemporary debate and movie review respectively. 

Reporter : Ashita Jain