The Debating society of Satyawati College (evening) conducted its Intra College Turncoat Debate competition.


TARK-MANCH, the Debating society of Satyawati College (evening) conducted its Intra College Turncoat Debate competition on January 27, 2017 in seminar room. The topic of debate was: “It should be mandatory for the government salary drawers to send their children in government  run  schools”. Participants can choose either English or Hindi as their medium of language which would be followed throughout.


The program started with a lamp lightening ceremony. It was graced by the presence of Dr Kashav Gupta, Principal Satyawati College (evening). The panel of judges included Mr. Rammeshwar (convener), Ms Ruby Roy, Ms Promilla Bhardwaj, Ms Namita and Ms Jyoti. Students were briefed about the rules. The time limit for debate was 3 minutes: 1.5 minutes, for the motion and 1.5 minutes, against the motion. Questions were welcomed with out most serenity, anybody from the audience or the participants could interject. The event is conducted once in a year and 

around 50 students participated to present their views on the concerned topic. Many of them were seen eye to eye on supporting the idea from their argument that the quality of education will improve in government schools leading to equality, less corruption and deceased bureaucracy; while on the other hand it was believed that right to choose will be violated causing infringement on students. All the contestants tried their best to hit the hammer on the nail.


ByThe Allahabad high court on Tuesday; august 20, 2015 directed the Uttar Pradesh government that elected representative, government employees, members of the judiciary and any other person drawing a salary from the public exchequer must send their children to government run schools. The judge held that if the children of government officials were in a state run schools, these institutions would function well. There is not an iota of doubt that if the children of government officials and blue collars would study together then it would rise the bars of equality in the country but private schools are significantly better than the government schools in almost every aspect; according to debaters. It was a red letter day for Kuldeep Yadav, Twisha Sinha, Krishan Kumar and Abhisekh who won as best speakers in the house and Raja Kumar for best interjector. The event was a great success and worked like a charm for the college.

Reported by : Ashita Jain