How do you motivate yourself?

February 22, 2017 by Supreet Arora

Life is so unpredictable. No one can change a situation.

We could have been a complete failure if we don’t have this mechanism called self-motivation.

It cannot change a situation. It only provides you the endurance and inner power.

Dr.Stephen R. Covey in his book 7 habits of highly effective people, advised to develop a personal mission statement and refer to it every day.

Tony Robbins in his book Unleash the power within advocates for daily visualization of your future, picturing much better and brighter life.

Wallace D. Wattles the author of The Science of Getting Rich suggests reading his book and only his book — every day, over and over again.

Some other effective tools like a vision board, words of power, the personal manifesto, day dreaming, power pose- and so on, serves only the purpose of keeping yourself motivated and focused on your vision.

Everyone wants to be a master of self-motivation and achieve desired goals.

How to remain self-motivated?

Simple steps to be self-motivated:

1. Thank you attitude – I call it gratitude. It is powerful. Whenever you pay thanks for anything you receive or you have it indicates your progress. In your dark times, it is not easy to handle. Feeling thankful proves to be the real motivation.

2. Wake up early – Leave your bed on time, start your day getting up early. Fix a time for yourself and follow. Even studies show, spending first 30 minutes after early rise gives you amazing motivation for success. It is a life changing tip for anyone.

3. Affirmations – It has a life changing effect. Everything you speak repeatedly gets stored in your sub-conscious mind and it contacts infinite intelligence to make bring in your reality and it gives power to you when you see things happening in front ofyou.

4. Motivational Videos – When you are striving to complete a certain task, the related self-improvement videos really help you walk your terrain. It works as an energy booster.

5. Ask a question; receive your answer – Most of the time we already know the answers to our problems. Human minds are so powerful that the knowledge is embedded within us. At times, we have a strange feeling in our gut and know what needs to be done. Our intuition shows the way.

Don’t subsist your motivation.

Develop it from your inside. Base it on system and persistence.

Build regular habits to cultivate it.

Then your motivation will be your weapon, which will take you new heights.

By: Supreet Arora

Keywords: Motivation, Self Motivation, Growth, Self Development, Affirmation