First Cut presents TRANSFORMATION: 'present age is the age of demons'

The film making society of Ramanujan College organised First Cut short film on 12th January 2017.
Reported by - Varsha Rajput

'Learning is the ultimate principle of life and it differs only by the mean of source'. However, it becomes easier to remember the things when the source of learning is more practical. Keeping this view 'CINETURION' - the film making society of Ramanujan College organised  First Cut short film on 12th January 2017.

The first session of Cineturion 2017 was a Short Film Screening and Awards Ceremony. The session began with the premier of the First Cut Short Film: Chinmoy and a speech followed by lamp lighting by the college principal Dr. S.P. Agarwal, who profoundly appreciated the message delivered by the Film. In this event best film award was secured by Vaishali Moghey, best editor was Eskool, best story award won Rajaswala, best cinematographer award was secured by Halo and best director award won by Kaalchakra. 

The second session of Cineturion was named LENSATION. Lensation was aimed to recognize and reward talented photographers and provide them with advice from judges, who are professionals in the field of photography. Lensation 2017 received a grand acknowledgment from the photographer around and a total of 40 applications poured in with 3-7 photographs captured by each photographer. The theme of the photography was left at the discretion of the applicant, with a rule of uniform theme. Out of the fourty photographers, nine photographers were selected and invited to display their photographs. After rigorous review and discussion of professionals with the photographers, session was followed by question answer round and the judges came out with the result. After the result, there was a workshop by the judge on photography to advise and guide the participants and organizing members on the subject. The winners were rewarded with a trophy and cash prize at the end of the festival. 

The festival further followed by 'Chinmoy' a short film inspired from one of the most controversial paintings ever of The Great Leonardo Da Vinci.

                      "Harr painting ek kahani 

                                                                        kehti hai.
                      Aaj se nahi, kayi yugon se ...

                                                                       par sab incomplete.
                     Jiski kahani complete, 

                                                                       painting complete"

The short film was screened by film making society of Ramanujan College, University Of Delhi .The film not only brilliantly portrays a serious social issue which is often swept under the carpet, but also depicts some facts of present age through the most controversial paintings ever. The film was directed & Edited by Prithviraj Das Gupta,