Deconstructing Womanhood And Identity - A panel discussion by Women development cell, Indraprastha College for women

Deconstructing womanhood and Identity, A panel discussion in I.P College'

The panel discussion on ‘Deconstructing Womanhood And Identity’ was a success on all accounts but it was the meaningful dissemination of information and open discussion that truly made it a wonderful experience. The two hour session, moderated by Papori Konwar, strived to answer difficult questions and openly talk about what it means to be a woman and their quest for equality.

The discussion was opened by the very compelling Sabika Abbas Naqvi, a poet and an activist, who brought to the stage the issue of lack of intersectionality within ‘big’ movements. Her narration of her two poems ‘I Do Not Come Alone’ and ‘Meri Bindi’ highlighted a woman’s constant struggle with her multiple identities and was met with thunderous applause.

Maya John, convener of Center for Struggling Women, was another passionate speaker whose words left the audience reeling with realizations and a lot to introspect. She brought light to the terms like ‘politics of equivalence’ and ‘absent cause’. Ms. John focused on how easy it is to become complacent with our relative freedom while forgoing the struggles of women of different classes and section. She stressed that the larger goal of feminism should be equality of men and women across caste and class.

The bitter truth and reality of marital rape was also talked upon by her as well as Dr. Rachana Johri. A professor at School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University, she has done commendable researches in the field of feminism. She related narratives about her experience with people who went for sex selection, and talked about motherhood. She extensively discussed the concepts of modernization and feminism and how they are often wrongly equated.

An interactive session followed the talk and questions about womanhood and manhood, and parameters of feminism were raised. Another interesting point raised was that feminism isn’t about being same as men but about having the same opportunities.

Reported by:

Diksha Goel