Communalism in Ramjas College- An unheard story from a former student

As a prestigious college of DU, Ramjas boasts of a dynamic environment especially in its politics. Here's a former student's perspective of the everyday experiences of this known, but not-talked about dynamism.

Ramjas College is one of the most happening college of DU. As a former student I can say the college is always full of liveliness, crowd and energy. But everything is not as hunky-dory as it seems from outside. There are some grievous issues plaguing the college and its students that needs to be spoken about.

As the name of the college itself contains ‘Ram’, there are many devotees of ram inside the college spreading communalism and dividing students on the basis of their caste and region just like the politicians do to the country.  

In our country, there are many castes but my college is dominated mainly by two. And those two are Jats and Gujjars. The clear evidence of the stark differences between the two can be seen in big events like during college fest.I don’t know why but there was always a fight on a song called ‘jaata ka chora’. Despite the song being crazily masculine(and pointless), the jat boys were always very keen to play that song and the Gujjars hated it like hell. So it more or less always resulted in a dispute. I remember one time there was almost a riot like situation on the stage. Chairs were flying everywhere.

All the more of this can be seen during college elections, the gala of the rich to show their money(perks of democracy I guess). I should say all of it.Sometimes it felt like all those politicians have come to my college to implement divide and rule policy. The students are divided according to their caste, and with great pain I'm saying this, but that’s usual in our country. Interestingly,one thing that was different in the college was a further division(or identification) on the basis of states. Candidates contesting elections introduced them selves like ‘arre main bhi UP se hu,bhai hai hum toh aur bhai ka vote toh bhai ko he jayaga’, although the main focus was still on jat and gujjar. This division used to lead to many brawls during elections and FIR were also lodged many times. But as they say ‘rajniti mein ye sab karna padta hai’.

The reason I think behind all this is the students coming from neighboring states like Haryana, UP and Rajasthan who have a great sense of identification among their ‘own people' in the alien city.  Delhi students, frankly speaking, hardly pay attention to elections. All they look out for during this time is to gain some personal benefits out of the contesting candidates. As a result, those candidates and their supporters start doing what they see and have learned in their villages.

In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons behind such a low voting turn out during elections. Because everybody thinks that nothing will change and there will be someone else next time asking for a vote, offering the same candies and movie tickets. Later during my final year, I came to know that the real power behind those candidates contesting elections stay in shadow and support them from outside. So there is a whole game going on behind this.

I consider my college as a small picture showing the true picture of politics in our country because all those candidates who manage to win here with their caste driven agenda go on to apply the same at some other elections and support casteism and other such identity based politics, although they will forever refuse to accept that.

The blindness of authorities towards this issue is alarming and raises the very question of what kind of student politics is being perpetrated in one of the reputable colleges of a respectable university.

Author : The writer does not wish to be named.