Caste in Urban Spaces

A seminar titled "Caste in Urban Spaces" was organized by Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Study Circle.

In India "Caste" as an institution of inequality is often seen restricted to the rural areas, villages and the Urban Towns are considered more democratic and egalitarian.

Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Study Circle organised a Seminar on 23rd January 2017, Monday on this subject at Delhi School Economics. The Seminar was titled "Caste in Urban Spaces" which aimed at dialogue and discussion on the subject.

The Speakers included Satish Deshpande from Sociology Department, Delhi School of Economics who spoke on Castes in University Spaces by putting forward the statistics and figures and how the classrooms changed post-Mandalisation.

Anil Chamadia, noted Activist and Journalist talked on presence of Caste and its existence in Urban areas. He, through his personal experiences tried to expose the "Absence of Caste" myth. He went on to say that we need dialogues and discussions to counter the deep roots of "Caste System".

Aditya Nigam from CSDS was the third and last speaker. "Caste System is more sophisticated and complex in Urban Areas" , he said. He went on to add how Manual scavenging in Urban areas signify the Caste-based employment.

The talk was followed by a lively Question/Answer Session which saw active participation by the students.

All the three speaker's viewed Dialogue and relentless struggle as the only option to end the Caste and related oppression .

By: Satya Prakash