By : Ashita Jain;*,*

The schools and colleges around the world are scheduled at different timings to provide convince and comfort to the students. They are mainly known as morning colleges and evening colleges. The University of Delhi popularly known as DU has eight evening colleges in it. Although these colleges are no different then the rest of day colleges but many people think that evening colleges are not proficient for them. Students are highly reluctant to opt for these colleges. These colleges are often treated with contempt in terms of academics, co-curricular activities, and crowd etc.

Many condemnations are uttered about these colleges. Evening colleges are alike the day colleges except in their timings. The criteria for admission into these colleges are the same as any other college. Students are being grant admission on their merit. These colleges have whole nine yard that a student expects from a DU college from co curricular activities to societies and academics, evening colleges have ameliorate reason to define them. Also evening colleges are not preferred by many girls as they always choose day college over evening college and so their parents. They end in the evening and the city still has a good rush on road. It is not at all difficult to find a means of transport near the colleges. Often many thoughts are pinned out on the crowd that evening colleges have and think that they do not occupy a sober audience in them. This is a total myth. Where admissions are done on the bases of prevailing cut offs issued by University, this statement is utterly artificial. These colleges do not offer any science stream courses because of their timings. Also sometimes these colleges do offer a higher relaxation in cut-offs so with the help of these colleges you can easily land in ‘DU’ despite having a comparatively lower percentage. The college is preferred best if you are doing any extra practice along with graduation, which most of the students do because of the increased competition. The foremost advantage of this college is that you need not to wake up early in the morning for attending your lectures.

Breaking the stereotypes; evening colleges have become the new cool for the youngsters. People are coming forward and opting for evening colleges as their primary option. These colleges have also proof themselves by winning laurels in inter college competitions and other activities. It is important for people to change their mindsets towards evening colleges as with their pace of growth they might come out with flying colors in the near future.