A common students view on the Ramjas ruckus

"Emotions run high on both sides but one thing which we cannot deny is that common students now have an imperative to engage with questions of their educational spaces and their campus against hooliganism".

youth ki awaaz

The unfortunate events that took place on 22nd and 23rd February in Ramjas college and then in the campus the following day, have left behind many questions. There are various perspectives but the narrative that has gone out has certain ambiguities about it.

One of the DU students said, ‘The acts of anti-nationalism shown by Khalid would stir any Indian’s heart. ABVP(Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad) also reacted this way because of his Anti-India sloganeering.

The party workers of ABVP kept the students of Ramjas College from their “Freedom of Association”. We as Indians are given this right by the constitution of our country. Any type of exploitation against it is against the law.


This is the reason why a large group of students took to the streets for the protest march to Maurice Nagar police station led by AISA and SFI members against ABVP’s ruckus yesterday. I think that this was a very appropriate maneuver because it doesn't matter whether the person is an anti-India sloganeer or a patriot of this nation, each and every person has equal rights and it shall be the duty of the others to let him/her have those rights.

This was not an isolated incident and ABVP's hooliganism is well known. Another student  from DU said'The first thing I felt after hearing about ABVP's  attempt to occupy our classrooms and our spaces was disgust. It was NOT an AISA versus ABVP’s clash.It is not even about between left versus right anymore. Umar Khalid did not even come. His invitation was already cancelled, when the professors and students of the college were locked inside the seminar hall and were pelted upon. Majority of the people there were just students. They, including many of my friends as well, were hit. They were just students revolting around ABVP’s hooliganisms. 


There is a clear pattern in what is happening to our universities  these days, be it JNU, HCU and now DU. It is called saffronisation of the universities . A controversy is artificially generated through which the students and faculty are targeted and by de-contextualizing their statements they have made earlier, there's an effort to sway the public opinion against them. By dictating students on whom to listen to, what to discuss and debate and the place to do that, ABVP is trying to control their thought process because we, the students are the active thinkers and most difficult to control In any narrative. They are chocking us, by creating a sense of fear among us. 

As for Umar being an anti-national, he has not been proven guilty and with the air being cleared on the ‘anti-India sloganeering videos’being doctored, these hollow reasons given by ABVP members to justify their violent acts seem invalid. If dictating, taking away fundamental rights,breaking glasses, hitting teachers and students, threatening them to rape,bharat mata is what nationalism is, I would rather be called an anti-national.'

Emotions run high on both sides but one thing which we can not deny is that common students now have an imperative to engage with questions of their educational spaces and their campus.

Writer- Anonymous