Viceregal Lodge, popularly known as “VC’s OFFICE” , Came into existence in 1902, now the office of Delhi University’s Vice Chancellor , pro-Vice chancellor and Registrar. It is symbolic of the North campus.


The viceregal lodge has housed as many as five viceroys from 1912 to 1931 including Lord Mountbatten till the construction of ‘Rashtrapati Bhawan’. The Legislative Assembly used to meet in the rooms that now host meetings of the university's Academic Council. Similarly, the Executive Council Hall was the chamber of the Executive Council. The convocation hall served as the ballroom and the registrar's room was where Lord Mountbatten had proposed to Edwina. When Edwina told her aunt about his proposal, she was told that she should be engaged to a man with a more promising career. Of course her aunt did not know that Mountbatten would become the Viceroy. A plaque telling this story stands in the registrar's office. Also, the very important Gandhi-Irwin pact was signed here. Eminent personalities like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatama Gandhi has walked the corridors of this historical landmark. The lodge also became another place of refuge during the revolt of 1857 and the basement which is now renovated and painted anew was once a hidden chamber that served as dungeons. It is said that Bhagat Singh was confined here in a windowless room, strongly guarded before being condemned to death.


The architecture of the structure is classic reflects an architecture synonyms to colonial times.With semi-circular arches painted off-white supported by pillars, a single continuous corridor runs around the building. It’s the symbol of elite lodging , now regular place for academic and council meetings.With acres of lush green garden, the lodge is surrounded by various post graduate departments-Zoology, Botany, Computer science , to name a few. The university’s annual flower show takes place in these serene gardens.


The Vice Chancellor lodge or ‘VC LAWNS’ is a popular spot among students who come here for strolls or lazy lunches. It is easy accessible due to its several entrances . A five minute walk from the Vishwavidyalaya metro station will lead one to enter the main gate from either Chattra Marg or from the side of the Northern Ridge. Walk along Shreya Mishra Marg across the lawns to find the Viceregal Lodge centred there. Other gates lead to the Cluster Innovation Centre and University Stadium. The buildings behind the Lodge belong to departments and other offices.

While the university lawns are accessible to public , entry in the lodge is restricted and special permissions are required for one to have access to it. Though, recently a room of the lodge where Bhagat Singh was reportedly imprisoned has been converted into a mini library,which has a collection of books on the life of the freedom fighter.Also, the chamber is being planned to get converted into a memorial where research on Bhagat Singh can be done.

By: Arzoo Sahni