To prefer course or college?- DU professors take on the dilemma DU news exclusive report by Miranda House student

The common dilemma resolved! course or college?

Hmmm.... What shouldour priority be? …Course or College? College or course? Indeed, this must be the common dilemma of all DU aspirants out there. There is the high cutoffs, intense competition and then this dilemma regarding the college and the course whichengulfs us all. Hey! Need not worry. We will try to help you solve this jigsawpuzzle of choices.


A traditional course or a professional one or maybe a course in the languages, options are of course diverse but you need to be clear about what you would like to go ahead with, in life. Your interests will help you shape your choices here. Many a times inorder to get admission in some popular courses we end up messing it all up.Choose a course which suits your interest which one which will help you define your personality. Your interest in a field can always help you attain success but if you will choose a course and field just for the sake of it, it might not prove fulfilling in the long run. Take your time, think about all those things which you want to do in life, then, think about whether the course that you aretaking up will help you reach your goal in life.

Students who often take up any random course to get into a college of repute, without considering their interests end up scoring less than their counterparts at times and lose interest in their studies altogether.

Trust us, in the long run it is only your own capabilities which will help you survive. Focus on your all round development. Never let your interests go in for a toss.


Never follow the crowd.It’s good to stay on the safe side at times and make decisions just like others do but in terms of your College or your Course don’t let the choices of others influence you. After all, how will we realize our true potential if we will keep following some random ‘SHARMA JI ka BETA.’ All of us are different, thus unique. We need to learn take individual decisions. Choose your Course according to your liking and not according to what is in vogue these days. If you are actually good at what you’ve chosen for yourself you will definitely achieve great heights.


Gone are the days when we only had a few courses to opt from or a few colleges which could cater to our intellectual needs. Let’s not restrict ourselves to DU and talk about this in a general manner. Guys, there are numerous colleges across the country offering you wide array of courses in the liberal arts, sciences, commerce andmuch more. There is so much to explore don’t restrict yourself. DU in itself offers you so many courses don’t let the choice of College restrict you here.All Colleges of DU provide quality education and there is so much to learn from people who come from all over the nation to study in this prestigious, diverse university adding on to its color and charm.


LOOK, in the case of professional courses colleges do matter. One must take into account the amenities the placement opportunities offered by the college particularly interms of Engineering, Law, Fashion designing etc. For such courses you particularly require a very well stocked library, laboratories, and proper access to internet and quality ambience to assure a healthy competitive environment.

Also, if you are more interested in the co-curricular activities you will have to look out for a college which help you grow in terms of your hobbies and interests. One which will help you achieve an all-round development.


According to Professor Uma Gupta, who is a senior professor of Hindi at Indraprastha College for Women, one should always give more importance to course than college. She emphasizes over the fact that it is important to choose a course of your liking as all the DU College have equally efficient faculty members as the hiring process is the same across the university and the syllabus too is same for all colleges. However, she also points that in certain colleges the infrastructureis not proper which may hamper your overall development, so try going for a college which is not really weak in terms of its infrastructure.