Tark Manch holds its first Workshop

By Richa Sharma

 Tark Manch, the debating society of Satyawati College (Eve) held its first workshop on debating on Thursday, the 20th of October. Saurabh Dubey, the President of the society, addressed the gathering and outlined the objectives of the society. Amongst the dignitaries present were - the Principal, Dr. Keshav Gupta, the convener of the society - Dr. Rameshwer Singh, professors of the college, College Union President and former debating society President, Ms. Himani Duggal, and two alumni, Mr. Atul Mishra and Mr. Aman Pandey, who were a part of the debating society during their days in Satyawati.

The program started with the lighting of the lamp by these dignitaries after which the Principal addressed the students. In his address, he encouraged the students to develop an active culture of debate and discussion and to engage themselves more in such societies. It was followed by the convener, Dr. Rameshwer’s address. He touched upon the importance of the debating societies and why it is important for the students to join them. Mr. Atul Mishra carried on the discussion and  spoke about the basics of conventional and non conventional debating. Mr. Aman Pandey talked about the Parliamentary form of debating. The formats of all these debates were also discussed. Ms. Himani Duggal discussed the strategies of presenting the extempore and turncoat forms of debate. In order to make the learning easier, interactive and participatory, mocks of these debates were also presented. The students enjoyed the mock debates and they also put up a number of probing questions. It was a fun learning experience for all the students present there.

DU News talked to Dr.Rameshwer Singh about the importance of the debating society. According to him, these societies not only teach the students the art of debating but also the art of presenting oneself in public. He said, “I have seen students evolving into completely different beings because of such societies. They create an environment which works towards the holistic development of an individual.”

Saurabh Dubey also talked to DU News about the changes he intends to bring about in the debating society of the college. He said the society will be more active now and will participate in more and more competitions this time. He said, “This time, we don’t only want ‘winners’ but also ‘learners’.” When DU News asked the two alumni about the difference that they see in this year’s debating society, they both agreed that the society is more active now and the students of the college are more enthusiastic. They felt good that not only a large number of students turned up for the workshop but also actively participated by asking a large number of questions. They said that it feels great to see that students are taking interest in debating and they hope that this continues.