professor slapped and abused by SRCC student over zero marks in internals

SRCC student thrashes professor on being awarded low marks in annual assessment.
here is the complete report

Once again “gundaism” which has been thearchetype of ABVP in recent times presents itself unscathed. In yet,another  event  it became evidently clear how ourrepresentatives brazenly defy the healthy traits of university culture.

Pradeep phogat of ABVP who is a studentfrom SRCC, assaulted his teacher because he was awarded zero marks in annualassessment. Delhi police has filed a FIR against Pradeep. The alleged incidenttook place on Friday near SRCC parking. RP Rustagi, principal of the collegestated that Phogat got zero due to his lack of attendance. Meanwhile Phogatclaimed that he was being targeted for his association with an RSS linkedorganisation.

According to RP Rustagi, The victimprofessor Ashwani Kumar was slapped several times in the parking lot at around5pm. He was also hurled abuses at. After that, a complain was submitted inMaurice Nagar police station on basis of which an FIR was lodged.

Pradeep is currently pursuing a PG diplomain “global business operations”. He said that Ashwani  Sir had problems with him since last yearwhen he participated in college elections. He told that the professor holdsgrudges against him since he is from Law Faculty and an active member of ABVP.

Meanwhile ABVP has denied any links withPhogat. It has to be brought to notice that Pradeep Phogat has been the Unionsports secretary of DUSU 2015.