Pink Revolution

Film review: Pink

The movie is an actual reflection of patriarchal society’s structure. It seems to be a syllabus which should be taught in colleges to understand the harsh realities of our feudal mentality. The movie is in dark genre so is the story, so true in its narration. It clearly reflects how a regressive mind set coupled with power deepens a person’s mentality of oppressing a class. So who would be a better option than girls? If they retaliate you have an option of threats accompanied with character assassination. It has been practiced since time immemorial in India such as branding a girl a witch in rural areas. Even our society is formed in such a way that an independent girl is presumed to be one with questionable character. Though after tackling all the forces working against her, if she is courageous enough to go the police (the protector) she witnesses that even police shares the same perception.

The most important aspect of the movie other than its thought provoking storyline is the casting. It is lined up with powerful acts. Amitabh Bachchan’s Deepak is a lawyer of credentials but have been withered by wife’s health issues. On the other side is Piyush Mishra as Prashant Mehra who could easily create a theatrics for the lies to overpower (or more correctly overshadow) truth. The courtroom was heated up by the arguments of two opposite mindsets, one of a progressive, radical thinker and the other of retrogressive one. The society’s speciality of making a girl a slut was slapped. Even before the court trial was concluded the people have already made an opinion or even a conclusion about the case. The movie took a flight and never crashed before and after interval such was the depiction of story. All the three female protagonists are too apt in their roles. The music adds up the dark pink ‘the revolutionary pink’ orientation to it. The movie raises questions about rape against prostitutes and marital rapes. So what does no mean if a girl says NO??????

It’s a movie you cannot afford to miss.

Ritwik Raj