Outrage of the children of armymen

My mother was asked to prove her husband's death today.Let our voice reach where it should

“My father died on July 09, 2009 while on military service during peace time.He left behind- me, my mother and two younger siblings with a death certificate that would ensure some benefits to my mother because of his service to the nation. 

A service where we got to live for only THREE YEARS of our lives with him.Today, my brother was supposed to take admission in University of Delhi under the Children of War Widows (CW) category that places us in Priority 3- Wards/ Widows of defence personnel who died while in service with death attributable to military service.

 The officer from KSB, asked my mother to prove to him on her papers the point - 'with death attributable to military service.'THEY HUMILIATED HER. They asked her to prove that MY FATHER DIED WHILE ON SERVICE. WE HAVE TO NOW PROVE THAT OUR FATHER HAS DIED.

I am heartbroken and helpless. We are already fighting a case in DELHI HC, with regards to a previous issue where influential people have wrongfully taken hold of my sister's seat in MBBS- DU that was supposed to be given to her under this category 'on merit'. Delhi University has made a mockery out of us.We're alone, and there's no one as far as we can see.

 My mother was asked to prove her husband's death today.Let our voice reach where it should, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this. I hope no one has to ever go through this.”,  reads the Facebook post of Anjali Sirohi, Daughter of Late Lt. Col Ravinder Kumar. 

Anjali, a former student of Delhi University have applied for her brother’s education in Delhi University under Priority-3 Wards/Widows of defence personnel. Their family have fought a case in Delhi HC for her sister’s education in MBBS yet their voices felt into deaf years. Every university provides 5% of total number of seats to CW Category yet last year they didn’t got a seat for her sister in MBBS in University of Delhi.Out of 12 only 10 seats (merit based) got full yet she didn’t got admission despite scoring a good rank and 2 empty seats. The information of website haven’t been released. 

The option of pursuing case made her sister drop the year. Not only Anjali’s family, two more widows of armymen suffered the same fate for their daughter without pursuing the case as they have only source of income as pension. Despite getting a good rank (for merit-based admission) and a CW Category Priority-3 Certificate these children of Lt. Col Ravinder Kumar are denied admission. They get Special Family Pension (which is given to Category Priority-3 i.e death attributed to military service) and a trying to seek justice. Three children,seeking admission in different courses are denied admission and justice whose father died doing military service for the country. We all need to stand with army and their families.

This article is an appeal to the students community and entire Delhi University and to those who are suffering silently like family Anjali Sirohi to come forward and fight against the corruption that is going on.

DU News Editorial Team.