No DU college received top grade by NAAC

Among all colleges, Shri Ram College of Commerce has got the best scores while St Stephen's College is at number 12

Of all the sought-after Delhi University colleges, not one has got the top grade from the National Accreditation and assessment Council (NAAC). It is mandatory for all education institutions in the country to get the NAAC accreditation.

The top grade, A++, is given to institutions that score between 3.76 and 4. Delhi University’s top ranking college Shri Ram College of Commerce has got a score of 3.65 and the A+ grade.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women came in second with 3.61 and Hindu College came in third with 3.60.

The 12th position secured by St Stephen’s College, among the most sought after in the country, was the biggest surprise on the list. It scored 3.21 and came in after colleges such as Acharya Narendra Dev College, Kamala Nehru College and IP College for Women.

NAAC accreditation is based on set parameters such as curricular aspects:
Teaching-learning and evaluation
Research, consultancy and extension
Infrastructure and learning resources
Student support and progression
Governance, leadership and management
Innovations and best practices

The scores and rankings given are valid for five years.

Delhi University made accreditation mandatory in 2014 following protests from several quarters, including from teachers and principals who felt that it was unfair for all colleges to be judged on the same parameters irrespective of the space they are allotted, their experience, funding and scope for improving infrastructure.

Teachers of institutions that have not scored well are now worried that their funding might now be impacted.

“That was the reason we were against the accreditation since the beginning. If colleges that don’t score well will get less funding, how will they improve? We are worried that this is the sole reason behind the whole process,” said a teacher at St Stephen’s College.

H/t : Indian Express