Life of an Out Station Student in Delhi University

Away from home, in a new city, the capital city!


Delhi University possesses a huge population of outstation students who throng the various colleges of DU in their pursuit of giving a different dimension to their lives. Needless to say,life isn’t easy for an outstation student.

After the admission fuss ends, the students need to look for an accommodation which is going to be their home for the next three years. This tends to be a tedious process as not every college of the university has hostels, or even if they are available they are not adequate in number. With just 15 hostels in and around the University, students after facing sky-rocketing cut-offs also have tiresome days where they need to look for PGs (Paying Guests) which are not scarce in number but choosing one isa big headache wherein parameters as distance from college, safety, food and others are to be kept in mind.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to land up in good PGs, and even if you do, you’ll still have complaints regarding food. ‘Ghar ka khaana’ is majorly missed by all the outstation students.Nothing definitely would suffice that.

Staying away from family is definitely one of the difficult challenges one faces in life. They say, outstation students get to enjoy more given the fact that they live far from their homes.But the truth is even in the company of hundreds, there is a big void which the outstation students feel. There is a craving for company which can’t be filled by no one but by their near and dear ones. The initial days in the city are real bad for them.

Along with this, the outstation students coming from all the corners of the country fear being victimized by the pre-conceived notions about their native places by the Delhites. For example, the locals of Delhi might have a different impression about people belonging to North-East, UP, Bihar,etc. With this continuing, breaking such notions has always been a grueling task for them.

With freedom comes responsibility. When you live away from home, you have to be responsible regarding your belongings as well as spending money. Right from adjusting to a new environment with their roommates to mastering local transport usage, from being unfazed bargainers to survive in the city to exploring the culture as well as the city,the outstation students ace it all.

It is where they become independent,transforming themselves into mature individuals, thereby learning the harsh realities of life but not letting anything stop them from fulfilling their inner most desires.

 Leaving behind all the apprehensions that anew city brings, these students slowly learn to accept change. After all, Delhi is an all embracing city and being in DU is no less thing. It is the hope of fulfilling their dreams that keeps them going. It is because of the fact that they’re doing it all, on their own.

Written By

Akankshya Mohanty