Effects of Social Media on Youngsters!!

World of Social Media

World of Social Media

Today's world is a global village, everyone is connected to each another on a vast network called Social Media.

SOCIAL refers to interacting with other people by sharing information with them and receiving information from them.

MEDIA refers to instrument of communication like internet(while TV, Radio and Newspapers are example of traditional form of communication).

So, Social media refers to interacting with other people by sharing information with them through an instrument of communication . There are different types of social media. Some of the famous are- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etc . The usage of social media is increasing day by day. As per a survey, 72% of high school and 78% of college students spent time in social media. This indicated how much students are involved on this and it is boon for millions of people. As a lot of people face problems in directly communicating with others i.e. Face to  Face communication. It provides a platform which removes communication and interaction barriers.

Also, or is a place where a person can learn while enjoying. It has broader the scope of knowledge in every field of study . With the help of social media customers can easily file complaints or tell suggestions on official pages made by companies and it also facilitates a lot of utilities in comparison to going for calls. Non Profit Organisations (NPO's) are also getting a lot of benefits from social media because with its help they are easily able to get support from peoples and can easily raise funds to help the weaker sections of the society . History is proof that social media has played a pivotal role in the elections. Whether its Modi or Obama the use of social media has benefited them a lot. The use of social media has changed the traditional politics.

There are so much benefits of social media which can't be counted on fingers. But still our parents say "don't stick to these social media for hours". Why ??

As a coin has two faces, it also has pros and cons.

The biggest among them is its ADDICTION. Addiction of almost everything is dangerous but when it comes to social media it's much more than that. It diverts attention and focus from a particular task and lowers the chances of improvement.Mostly, people often forget the purpose for which they have opened that social media site just because of huge amount of stuff present over there. It also reduces the level of internal growth as people go for expert opinion everyday from these sites. Along with youth it also adversely affects kids, as some photos shared over social media are related to sex and contains huge amount of vulgarity,  affects the nature and cyber bulling affects the growth of kids. 

In BPO's and call centres, the addiction of social media had lead to decrease in the productivity of employees as it distracts the focus and attention of the employees. A study of Brigham Young University based on 491 families concluded that teenagers who connect with parents through social media have less strong connections than the offline ones. Same can be also applied to friendship.  A lot of army secrets are revealed over social media and it has become a portal for that. A study has revealed that social media leads to downfall in the health of person, as due to its addiction youth mostly sleeps late at night and also wakes up late and it is the reason for a lot of diseases. Somewhere, comment and share have taken the place of  games like _pakdam pakdai_ , _baraf paani_ and it has lead to less physical movement in peoples and is also a reason for a lot of health problems.

Undoubtedly, social media can become one of the biggest ways to improve the level of internal growth and can has immense scope of achievement but it can be only achieved by overcoming the cons of social media and it can be only done by not falling a victim to social media, not getting addicted to it, one just need to press the Log Out button and enjoy the beauty of nature for sometime.

By: Sudhanshu Ginotra