How can you become successful in your life?

Achieving success is easier than you think. How to let go of toxicity? Find out below.

If you want to become successful in your life, there is no degree or education course in this world which can give you a sure-shot method to become successful in your life.Let us be pragmatic in our life and clear this myth from the mind. It simply doesn't happen this way.

Success is a process of continuous small victories achieved with your hard work, perseverance, tenacity and obsession to make it happen. When you refuse to give up, it turns out to be a colossal success for you.

Understand this way,

toddler falls down many times during his childhood and gets up, similar to what an ant does for re- attempt of climbing the wall. They show resilience every day.The pain is common per the size of the body for a toddler or an ant but it never becomes a hindrance in their ability to stand up and crawl again.They simply don't understand the meaning of falling down and exhibit GRIT to get up and move quickly after a whimper.


“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” - Jim Rohn.

 Back in your thoughts, you make so many plans to win but when it comes to the action, you fall down and now you think it is all over. The inner voice mumbles you to leave in dismay.You are clueless and begin to lose the way. This happens to all of us when we try hard.


What is stopping you from moving?

-Fake beliefs and your limited thinking towards the situation.

-Thoughts of losing the battle and this makes you feel demotivated.

-Not knowing exactly what you really want to do.


-Listen to people who are losers and make you realize you are the same.

My experience says, if the passion is alive inside you, no one can change your mind to change your life.

Show your gut to manhandle a temporary defeat to become successful in your life.Ordinary behavior will not take you heights neither does excuses about waking up late, uncomfortable long working hours, cold weather, traveling far to meet someone or living alone to complete a short task. You have to say goodbye to excuses.

"Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses - George Washington Carver"

10 little things successful people do differently:

1.Stop blamingSuccessful people don't focus on failures rather feel excited by the positive energy within them because they don't believe in blaming their circumstances, consequently, they get up and turn up more strong.Craziness to become successful in life is what drives them. Winners know if they quit they will regret all their life, which losers usually do.

2.Hope for best: Hope accomplishes the impossible or at least fills the gap between your negative thoughts and thoughts of success.Hunting daily with little progress rather focusing on long-term plans helps you to become successful in your life.

3.Positive people: To find out positive people keep your quest on.I wouldn't say rarely found but you need to take care of your surroundings as it matters the most.It drives your belief system.Sometimes the company of these positive people helps in removal of fake beliefs traveling inside the mind.

4.Fear of failure: I started bodybuilding but I had failed many times before I succeed to get a tag of physique model.I realize it that if I have to remove the fear, I need to fight with my fear by working towards it. You can achieve success by overcoming fear and make your dream come true by working towards your goals.

5. Ignorance is a bliss: Your goal is like your baby.You need to nurture, cultivate and take care of it, till the time the time it turns into a reality. Don't fall into the trap of what people say. Take pride and be what you want to be as your own friends and the family will not believe in your idea during your struggle.

6.Ambitious people:  These people wouldn't laugh at your ideas and thoughts.They know the worth of a big ambition.Do not hesitate to talk and share your ideas with them.Be confident and passionate sharing about yourself. They have better people handling skills.

 7.Believe in what you do: Trust yourself always.Four years back  I started writing and recently came up with the idea of a blogging platform on the internet. Self- conviction and my sincerity towards reading, writing have paid me off and it will pay off to anyone who believes in the idea in any field.

8.Keep moving:  The realization makes all the difference.Never be afraid to get up.The only factor which differentiates between a loser and a successful person in life is the courage to get up and keep moving.

9.Burning desire: As far as it looks achievable, it is worth of having a desire.The temporary inconvenience will knock at you. A successful person carries a positive attitude and it makes all the difference to achieve success.

10.Price for success: I remember taking a break of two months from the job for a rigorous preparation of my first outdoor photo shoot. Those days I was going to gym for 6 hours a day including morning and evening followed by strict diet regime. Managing my expenses along with the trainer and supplements budget was tough.You can become successful in life by staying obsessed. Be ready to pay the price as per your situation.

If you wish to shine and become worthy you need to go through many adversities and worst things can happen to you to reach the road of your personal success.It is your time to become what you want as you have it in you.

Stay grounded and whatever comes your way, embrace it, accept it.

Keep moving forward and make the success happen for you.

By :
Supreet Arora

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