Full-Time ForeignLanguage Courses

Here is a list of foreign language courses which will earn you a degree in B.A. (Hons) from Delhi University!

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When they were finished with oxymorons, they had puny puns secure. English air was blowing hard but some learned men were able to set a French sail. Later, he found out that those people shared college with him. DU is the manufacturing unit of many such students, their cerebrum laden with international languages.

Hons in English language is regarded as the most sassy course of Delhi University. Who would not want to do hons in a superior language such as English in today’s Era. This course is available in most of the colleges affiliated to DU. English (hons) is not just a course, it has metamorphosed into a style statement.

The varsity is not only limited to this. It is a cesspool in which every linguaphile wants to lay.

Indian languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit and Punjabi are available for a Majors degree. These are available in various colleges.

The story does not cease here, DU provide diploma, advance diploma in languages listed below. Certificate courses are also provided.

·        PERSIAN LANGUAGE (http://www.du.ac.in/du/index.php?page=persian). This course is taught at arts faculty of Delhi University.

·        CZECH, BULGARIAN, CROTIAN, RUSSIAN, HUNGARIAN, POLISH (http://www.du.ac.in/du/index.php?page=slavonic-finno-ugrian-studies). These courses are taught at department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian studies. It is the only department in India that offers courses in Slavonic languages. This department addresses the immediate need of students who aspire to travel and want to be academically prepared to study and take jobs in international institutions.

·        SWAHILI (http://www.du.ac.in/du/index.php?page=african-studies).This course is taught at department of African studies.

A diploma in same language proceeds an advance diploma. Admissions to these diploma courses start in august after the admission to regular courses has finished.

If Spanish is the mode of commentary you desire, you love that red Russian fire.

Afro beats make you sway and you unleash English satire.

DU is the place for you. Come and indulge with the best.

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