Food Destinations In South Campus

Places for a foodie around South Campus

As you guys are stressing about getting admissions in your dream college and the high cut-offs they be demanding ,we thought of lightning your mood and heightening your excitement . We introduce you to some of the most popular destinations for the FOODIES in SOUTH CAMPUS which won't leave you cash-strapped right at the beginning of your college lives.

University Canteens 

After you are in DU you don't have to worry about the expensive food prices as your college provides you with best cheap food. All the college's MENU usually comprises of Samosa ,Chai (which only coasts 5 rupees each,affordable na ),Kachori, Chole Bhature, Chili Potatoes ,Bread Pakodas . Thus Canteens becomes the most crowded and hot spot of entire college area.

Green Park, Hauz Khas, Amar Colony and GK 2

From Hauz Khas Village to Hauz Khas main market, Green Park main market to GK-2 M Block- most of the big markets nearby get regular visits from Gargi, Kamla Nehru and LSR. The area offers great and cheap eating points like Chinese Vans, Tibbs Frankie, Maggie points, Chatwallas and even Mc Donald's. Some other delicious eats include Biryanis and Kababs at Riyaz Chicken Corner in Gautam Nagar, momos at Yashwant Place and Al Bake in New Friends Colony.

Satya Niketan

The most favourite place of mine to hangout with my 'bhukkad' friends as the place in itself is a Combo Pack of all type of cuisines and drinks (By which I mean Mocktails, smoothies and Shakes ). It's just opposite to Shri Venkateswara College on Benito Jaurez Marg with students from Motilal Nehru, JMC, Ram Lal Anand and ARSD all flocking there. This place becomes immensely popular for its variety of cafes and restaurants all lined up in a queue.

here are few of them which you should definitely try 


Now this is a place where you can come along with your newly college friends and fasten up your group. It's awesome interiors and delicious Cheese burgers are always the key to attract youngsters all the time. Also the Bomb Chicken Burger is a must have along with the Rocky Road Shake(Rs110).

Chowringhee Roll Shop

the place is a real hit. you can always find abuzz of students around this corner which is just in the starting lane of Satya Niketan. They have got veg and non-veg rolls for foodies of all kinds.a single can feed you enough in just 60-100 rupees.

Wood Box Cafe

its classic crafty setup gives it all the credit to be a perfect place to have a Date in with your special college friend or a crush. especially in the evening lit up with beautiful lamps the place is a divine. though they serve Pizzas, Grilled-Sandwiches, Burgers,etc, it is their shakes which gain much popularity. Ferraro Rocher Shake is among them the most favourite. 

The Chocolate Room

this small cozy room can be seen as  the first choice among the girls. it always have a sweet and fruity smell along with the constant chocolaty aroma. You can have an awesome chocolaty experience by dipping in the tasty MENU of their's which comprises of CHOCOLATE AVALANCHE SUNDAE, ChocoBAILEY, ChocoSHOTS and my favourite CHOCOLATE FRUIT FONDUE. 


This is definitely going to be your  best food adda for which you will be thanking us latter. the most delicious, spicy, juicy and cheapest junk food which is at present the most popular.both veggies and non-veg lovers can enjoy these momos and it just costs Rs50 and Rs60 respectively. you ca easily find it along the Chowringhee lane. 

Also there are many other restros and cafes like CCD, Qd's, PIZZA HUT, BARISTA CAFE, MAGGIE POINT and many more, enough to match any food taste of yours.

By: Du News Team