Effulgence presents Spotlight : a movie screening

The film society of Venkatswara college Presents 'Spotlight' : The Academy Award winner -best picture & best screenplay

Effulgence- The Film Society of Sri Venkateswara College organised a screening of the movie 'Spotlight'. The screening took place at the seminar hall on Friday 30th September'16 which last long for three hours. The screening was open to all staff and students of the college. A large number of enthusiastic audience were witnessed. The screenplay starts with Spotlight as 'Spotlight' is to focus all social issues which are in transition phase and require some light of truth to overcome all those social issues.

The event was presided by 'Effulgence- Film Society' The screening was aimed to fall light on some of the social issues like 'Rampantchild sex abuse in Roman Catholic Churches in Boston' which resulted in the success of the aim of Spotlight through screening .The main highlight of an event was the screening of the number of people at Catholic Church Which depicts the true story .However, all the presented screening were based on the true story.

Audience were highly surprised after knowing some of bitter truth of our Indian society which were never highlighted or even ignored by the dominating society. Moreover, the presented screening consisted of many such issues. 'Spotlight' is a biographical film which deals with the investigation of rampant and systematic child sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Churches of Boston. What follows is a series of revelations of a decade’s long cover - up at the highest levels of Boston's religious, legal and government establishment, touching off similar revelations around the world.

The film not only brilliantly portrayed a serious social issue which is often swept under the carpet, but also depicts the high levels of corruption in religious and government institutions all over.Effulgence is planning to hold a film screening every month in order to promote film as an art form and to give a message to people who are behind the curtain and never think for the welfare of society.This is also a great way to spread and enlighten youth about the bitter truth of the society so that 'youth' of our Nation can think of better ideas to serve Our Nation better. Apart from making various award winning short films, this is the first time the film society organised a film screening in college. The society conducted the screening in a smooth manner, giving out refreshments to all attendees.

'The society has a track record of winning several competitions both within and outside Delhi University and is considered one of the foremost film making societies in the University, winning first position at BITS Pilani Goa and second position at IIT Delhi (2015).Effulgence started off this year with bagging second position at Shivaji College, told ‘Aayush’ public-outreach & marketing head of the film society 'Spotlight' while interviewing with Varsha.

Reported by : Varsha Rajput

Pic Credit : Ayush Verma