E-Rickshaw in North Campus

E-Rickshaw ride

Who gives you a ton of attention other than your bae ? It has to be rickshaw wale Bhaiyya.. no? Believe it or not rickshaw walas are integral part of the lifestyle if you have college in North Campus. You get down at Vishwavidyalaya metro station and boom!! You suddenly become aware of your existence.. you become celebrity, albeit for a moment. We have listed couple of reasons for celebrating their presence in and around North Campus, here they are:-

1- Fair Fare:- First thing first, At ₹10 you can reach up to arts faculty and at ₹20, beyond. Though you can always choose to walk to your college but riding the e-rickshaw along with your gang and laughing at the paddlers has its own fun. Yes that's evil but trust us it has its own fun. And at times  it's affordable to be evil.

2- Margdarshan :- Not only they tread the ways but they even know them pretty well. From student politics  to the coolest and cheapest food outlets they do like pro when it comes to enlighten the commuters. They end up becoming your first hand guides. From latest news to trivial facts, they know it all.

3- Eco Friendly Swag :- That moment when you worry about environment for a nanosecond and think of yourself as holier than thou. Yes, we know that feel. Well, you can get hell lot of those feels merely by sitting in an e - rickshaw. When it comes to salvage the city from pollution then e rickshaws are proving their mettle. According to a recent survey the no. of e-rickshaws in Delhi has increased to over one lakh with the fraction of those rickshaw drivers who previously owned auto. The evil machine which cause pollution. Slow Claps.

4- The route cause :- Admit it.. In spite of being armed with Google maps you have zillions of times asked for the routes from rickshaw walas. And when you are new in town then rickshaw walas become the saviours. THE SAVIOURS. And no they won't cheat you, for you're not the only one sitting in the rickshaw.

All in all, the e-rickshaws feature on brighter side of the story when we talk about the life at North Campus. So enjoy the ride.