B.A. (Hons) English

One of the most sought after courses in DU!

Source: careertablet

English as a major has been gaining a lot of momentum amongst the youth as this flashy course has become a status symbol. Who doesn't want a degree in the 'superior language' and hence, so many students are flocking towards the B.A. English Hons. 

Literature is pure art and only those students can make a mark here who have cultivated and nurtured this love. Not only does this course have stories but theatre, poems, prose, articles, historical background and essays etc. 

There is a great emphasis on 'core'' English and English elective and only those who are interested in the field can chart a name for themselves while for others it won't be anything than complete boredom.

It is an all inclusive study with constant insights of other subjects as well. In English Honors apart from only stories and literature there are elements of philosophy, psychology and history.  Psychoanalysis and other theories, historical movements, chronologies and other important themes like the deeper study of human nature find a space in English Honours. It is a course based on analysis, thinking and cultivation of higher thinking abilities and not merely book learning focussing on rote. Themes like rape, prostitution, Oedipus complex etc. which are generally thought of as unrefined and vulgar form a major component of the syllabus.

English Honours helps develop a really positive world view and helps improve vision, perspective and social presence. It won't end one up with a great corporate job but it sure helps one have an edge over others when it comes to fields like marketing, management, journalism, social work, psychology to name a few. It is important, however, to keep in mind your own interest before venturing into this vast world of English Literature.

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