Awareness Workshop in Deshbandhu College

INSIGHT-The management society of Deshbandhu College organized 'MEDICONE', a workshop based on basic first Aid and CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation) by TEDCO EDUCATION PVT LTD, Training partners -BRITISH COUNCIL AND CITY & GUILDS.

The workshop took place in multipurpose hall on Wednesday 11th January'17 and lasted for three hours. The workshop was open to all staff and students. The workshop started with an introduction of 'first aid' by Dr. Alisha Peterson who is an eminent doctor and professional trainer from TEDCO EDUCATION. She introduced 'First aid' as the treatment given to an infected person immediately by using basic knowledge to face the accidental problems. She focused on the basic knowledge which everybody should know so that any person could take appropriate action at any instant which can save someone's life.

The event was presided by 'INSIGHT- The management society'. The workshop was aimed to make people aware of basic knowledge of 'first aid' so that it can be used to help someone in need. Dr.Alisha Peterson explained many alternate solutions considering a single problem which anyone may face. She acknowledged many of heart diseases, their related symptoms and their cure by performing the steps practically on a dummy. The main highlight of the workshop was the' PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE'. Her presentation included diagrams and scientific facts through which understanding of the concept for treatment becomes accessible. She highlighted the need for awareness and sensitization amongst the people.

'The aim of TEDCO education is to make people aware in the state where career option in health care sector is also bright in TEDCO education' told Somdev Sharma (cooperative head of TEDCO education) while interviewing with DU-NEWS. He told that TEDCO education organises workshop every week in Connaught place and provide certificates to all the attendees. Those interested can find details on the link The event was a great success as marked by the participation of an enthusiastic audience. A clear message that the basic knowledge of accidental treatment must be accessible was spread. The purpose of this event ' prevention is better than cure' was well served.

Reported by-Varsha Rajput