ADD ON Courses in Delhi University!

Here is a detailed list of the various add on courses offered in DU.


What is an ADD ON COURSE? 

ADD ON COURSES refers to SHORT TERM COURSES of three to twelve months apart from your subjects which provides knowledge about basic subjects with a certificate from the University.  

 Criteria for applying to add on courses- 

1.You have to be a student of Delhi University 

2.You have to be a XIIth Pass Student.

3.In some cases,you have to clear the cut off of Add On Courses of different colleges.

 Here is a list of some add-on courses provided by colleges of Delhi University:

1. Kamla NehruCollege

a) Certificate course in Gender Studies.
b) Certificate course in Media Studies.
c) Certificate course in Classical and Instrumental Studies
d) Certificate course in Disaster Management
e) Certificate and Diploma course in French language.

2. MaitreyiCollege

a) Journalism
b) Nanotechnology
c) Food Technology and Preservation
d) Web Designing and Office Automation

3. MirandaHouse

a) Certificate course in Operational Research.
b) Web Designing and Office Automation
c) Certificate course in Tourism
d) Certificate course in French, German and Spanish

4. LadyShri Ram College

a) Women and the Political Process
b) Legal Literacy for Women
c) Entrepreneurship
e) Sports Journalism and Commentary

5. HinduCollege

a) Actuarial Science
b) Certificate course in Green Chemistry
c) Certificate course in Acting Skills
d) Certificate course in Mass Media
e) Creative Writing
f) Certificate course in French, German, Spanish and Russian

6. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College

a) Textile designing, including Tie & dye; batik, Fabric Painting.

b)Cutting and Tailoring


d)Dress Desigining & Drafting.

e)Beauty culture.

f)Secretarial Practice Course (Stenography English).

7. College of Vocational Studies

a) Certificate course in Accounting
b) Certificate course in Communication
c) Certificate and Diploma course in French and German

8. Jesus and Mary College

a) Media
b) Travel and Tourism
c) Financial Management
d) Interior Designer
e) News Reading and Anchoring
f) Computer courses
g) Certificate course in French, German and Spanish

9. Ramjas College

a) Peace and Conflict Resolution
b) India in era of Globalization
c) Human Rights Studies
d) Environmental Management and Law
e) Gender Analysis and Interrogation
f) Women and Empowerment
g) Biotechnology
h) Mathematical Skills
i) Statistical Programming
j) Psychological Assessment
k) Forensic Science
l) Mass Media Ethics Studies
m) Certificate and Diploma courses in French, German, Russian and Italian

10.Maharaja Agrasen College 

 a)English Proficiency Course

11.Hansraj College 

a)Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & TV Journalism

b)Acting and Film Making

c)Mass Communication, Advertising and Marketing

d) Certificate,Diploma and Advanced diploma in French and German language

12.Gargi College

a) Education for Specific Children
b) Introduction to Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
c) Vedic Mathematics

d) Banking andFinancial Services

e) Advertising andMarketing Communication
f) Mass Communication

To apply to these courses, you need to visit the individual colleges.